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Web Media. Businesses are rapidly discovering the benefits of webinars and podcasts. According to Gartner, marketing automation (including webinars and podcasts) is one of the fastest growing CRM investment areas forecasted at a 16% annual compound growth through 2011.

Why are webinars and podcasts so popular? Lead generation is the main reason, but for savvy marketers this is not the only justification for including them in their marketing mix.

Recording studio
Expense reduction. Webinars and podcasts are cheaper to produce than live events.
Convenience. Over 80% of buyers like webinars and podcasts to learn about products and services.
Website content. Webinars and podcasts enrich your website with multimedia.
White paper:
The Benefits and Pitfalls of Webinars

Top Ten Tips for Webinar Success

Best Practices for Webinar Production
Reach. Webinars and podcasts extend your story to key influencers that do not attend live events.
Training. Webinars and podcasts are effective media for educating new hires.
Image. Brand awareness and thought leadership are enhanced with webinars and podcasts.

The reasons are compelling, but successful webinars and podcasts require effective promotion, engaging content, and professional production. This is where Ridge Business Development can help with a suite of services.

Best practices for webinar and podcasts promotion
Presentation tips to keep the audience engaged
Turnkey production using a dedicated web media studio with experienced emcees and production engineers
Event recording, editing, and archiving
Lead capture of reliable contact information
Lead reporting available online for rapid sales follow-up

For more information, read our white paper or view our webcasts: Best Practices for Webinar Production and Top Ten Tips for Webinar Success.

Ridge Business Development has produced webinars and podcasts for some of the largest organizations in the world including SAP, Accenture, and the Professional Pricing Society.

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